Behind The Lyric

(2007-2015) An internationally syndicated show broadcasted on over 40 internet and FM stations worldwide. The show features well known Singer/Songwriters sharing the stories behind their electronic dance tracks. Commentary is mixed on top of the music.  Listen to the archives on itunes.

Marcie Joy – Extensive Interview @
With your show “Marcie presents Behind The Lyric”, that explores the stories behind the lyrics of Electronic Dance Music, what provoked you to come up with a show examining music in this way?

I wanted to hear straight from the Artists what inspires them to write. Often my own lyrics are intensely personal. Writing a song can be an emotionally difficult and therapeutic experience. It can also be a lighthearted fun experience. Or a combination of both. It’s not a static process. I wondered if it was the same for other Artists. I also wanted to know how listeners are affected by the lyrics they hear. “Behind The Lyric” focuses on the craft of songwriting, and the personal elements that go into an artists work, as well as the impact of songs on listeners. It gets away from the ‘hype’ and image oriented elements of the scene. The exclusive interviews in the show are meant to focus on the hearts and souls of the artist and listener.

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