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Big Feelings with Marcie Joy

These are tough times for all of us. So, during my social isolation this winter, I hooked up the lights and green screen, recruited a menagerie of animal and alien friends, and created a ten episode mini-series for young children- with music, puppets, books, and more! Each one fosters social-emotional development, and deals with a different “Big Feeling”. They are available on demand through Testing Mom. Check it out!

Marcie’s Musical: Tickets On Sale Now!

Marcie took a break from her usual Saturday event performances this fall to direct young thespians in a production of Where Do You Want To Go? This musical, written by Marcie, will premiere through Beyond the Fourth Wall, a Cambridge based production company specializing in youth theatre. The show is December 14, 2019. Get TICKETS here.

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As a singer/songwriter, Marcie has  made a name for herself in the dance music scene with Top 10 releases worldwide. With a degree in psychology, Marcie has spent a decade working as a nanny, camp counselor, tutor, and children’s musical choreographer. Marcie is currently pursuing a master’s in elementary education.

Make A Discovery (Songs for Kids) is Marcie’s full length album geared for healthy child development. The album was initially funded through Kickstarter, and as thanks to fans all around the world, the complete album (20 songs) is offered free for all! Picture eBook included.

Imagine Your Way:  

Make A Discovery features 20 sing-a-long songs ranging in musical genre and topic. Highlights include the lighthearted anthem Fetch, the energetic Squiggle, and the quirky Disco Donut Robot. There’s also the earnest Friends With You. Back Home Soon received early acclaim from critics for its comforting message that deals with school anxieties and separation issues.

 Celebrate Your Life:

Make A Discovery encourages the use of imagination, kindness to others, respect for each other’s differences, the importance of communication, and the idea that we all learn from our mistakes. Make A Discovery is full of funny, energetic, thoughtful songs that will get you and your child singing, smiling, and dancing along.

Bonus FREE Features:

Make A Discovery includes collaborations with guest artists from around the world, two bonus tracks and FREE picture eBooks.

“There’s a Bug in My Room” comes with a free picture ebook adaptation formatted for all eReaders

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