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GO LIVE MIAMI: Winter Music Conference – Live Video interview RAVELINE MAGAZINE Trance Track of The Month- “I Come Running” MALTA INSIDE OUT: Interview





TRANCECLASS TV 025: Interview



“A grand entrance is no more than fitting for this vocal diva. Marcie’s sweetening, seductive voice first hit the airwaves in 2006, leading the way to a solid career in music. Within a few years she’s grown out to a renowned singer/songwriter, working with some of the best producers the dance scene has to offer. Her latest soul sketches and vocal cord reflections were ‘I Come Running’ and ‘Broken Wings’, two beauties out on the Coldharbour Red and S107 label.

Besides that, she also hosts her own radioshow ‘Behind the Lyric’, in which she interviews the best vocals lads and ladies and provides listeners with the latest vocal tracks out there. With her name travelling across the scene and plenty of spotlights pointing at her, it’s right about time for a look behind the voice of Marcie.”

DJ MAG– Sure Player of the month – 5/5:

“Steve Birch feat. Marcie- Edge of The Ocean”:

“Serendipitously arriving the day summer turned up, Steve Birch opens the batting for a new DeepBlue offshoot with this deckchair companion. The original’s is vocal-lite, but what there is quickly gets under the skin. Shot skywards by Birch’s ever-shifting production and powered by great melodies and a big bass-line, it’s not lacking dancefloor savvy either. The raft of remixes rock as well with Soren, Tasardi & Update Project respectively adding house, electro and

chillout elements…5/5″


“You guys created a really beautiful track, and definitely something that is going to get the dancefloor moving. I can’t wait to see the video”.


“Yamin feat. Marcie- Know You” (Total Digital Recordings):

This uplifting vocal trancer features the dulcet tones of Marcie, who has done an excellent job, as has Yamin whose level of production on this track is faultless.

For people who like things more driving there is a Ronny K presents Onyx Remix which from the onset pounds along with great pace yet still manages to be a real spine tingler.” Danny Slade 4/5


“Ali crowns a great month. London’s golden boy wastes no time this month, Untame me features the haunting vocals of well traveled US singer Marcie who’s guested for all the major trance producers and it’s a statement to Ali’s current status in the production ranks. This is electro meets dirty funk, all laid down on a bed of Ali’s funked up techno. Marco V has already said he adores it!” 4/5 (Guffy – Mixmag)

BOSTON WEEKLY DIG: “Pick of The Week”

“There are plenty of female vocalists in trance music, but Marcie stays on top with consistent output, true determination and a heavenly voice….”

UK TRANCE ALLIANCE: “Yamin feat. Marcie- Forward Motion”

“If i should put this track in a genre it would definitely be “sugar sweet trance” On the first listen i felt in love with this one, and stay’d on repeat the whole day! Not heard such a succesfull vocal trancer in my opinion. I am all over it! It has everything you want in a vocal trancer, and will hopefully go in the books as example for the specific genre.”


“A feature on singer and songwriter, Marcie Swartz, and her unique and popular radioshow Behind The Lyric…”

“ What offsets the thick foundation though are the lovely vocals of Marcie which are a standout element here. Sparsely placed and well processed with just the right amount of effects Marcie’s vocals add a heart wrenching element to the dark undertones that feature so heavily in the records framework. It’s a case where the producer knows to just let the vocal do the work for the most part and the results are just perfect.”

NEJHUDBA.CZ:  Czech Republic Music Magazine Interview & Artist Spotlight

UK TRANCE ALLIANCE: “Damien S. & Marcie- Love Me & Leave Me”

“I really like Marcie’s vocal work and since her great release ‘Forward Motion’ which was done

alongside Yamin for Motion Music earlier in the year I have been eagerly awaiting this track.”


“One of the most frequently appearing vocalists in trance and progressive tracks gets behind her lyrics. When you are super busy like Marcie, who frequently appears in various electronic dance music projects, prepares and presents her own radio show, and performs in various clubs and party events all over the world, it is a miracle that she manage to get some free time to respond to the interview that follows. Whatever you wanted always to ask this very different and unique voice behind the tracks Her answers proves that behind her voice and lyrics there is a great artist who respects deeply what she does and she loves every minute devoted in whatever she touches. If you go to this year Maimi Winter Music Conference certainly you should check out the events that she is going to perform live her lyrics and this experience will be one that you will never forget.” Interview

“She has a magical voice, so pure and hypnotizing. She Came to the Colosseum with Sied van Riel Jakarta as part of the Road to the DWP, 2014. Here she is, Marcie. On Friday at the end of last November (11/28/2014), The Colosseum Jakarta”

(In Indonesian, click here )


TranceFixxed: Interview

DEEJAY NEWS MAGAZINE: Interview and Artist Spotlight

“Marcie, it’s a great pleasure to have you in our magazine….Your career is really important for us.”

MUSICADDICT.RO INTERVIEW (In Romanian & English): h$p:// note_id=395760026237

INSOUND.EU: Interview in Czech


CRAZEBOOK TV MALTA: Featured Interview on Episode 19

MAOR MUSIQUE: “If the touch of velvet could be manifested in the form of voice, it would be that of internationally renowned singer/ songwriter, Marcie Joy”



“[Never Enough] will become a huge hit in 2012 on the international level, with great vocals and sharp production. It’s only a matter of hours before this song is remixed and on Beatport’s top 20.”



“I love her voice, her dance moves, and it’s obvious she belongs in this scene”.


M IS FOR MUSIC– Artist Spotlight

ELECTROCITY BOSTON: “Boston-based dance music recording artist Marcie Joy is internationally recognized. As a singer/songwriter, her releases, which have t opped worldwide on labels like Armada, Warner and Flashover, can boast the support of industry masters like Tiesto, David Guetta and Armin van Buuren.”

DOM ARMANO – “[Never Enough] Solid track. Good reception to it from the crowd. Will keep giving it love. Including my mixshow.”

NON MAGAZINE: “congratulations to you on your new music video. We are head over heels over it. We have featured your video in our website in hopes that you get much more traffic to it”

ZALAI HIRLAP NEWSPAPER (Hungary): Feature on Behind The Lyric AUDIOMAX.HU (Hungary): Feature on Behind The Lyric BITZENEDE.BLOG.HU (Hungary): Feature on Behind The Lyric

STARFLEET: “Check out this soon to be Dance hit by, Jake Shanahan featuring Marcie, “Don’t Stop” on Freefall Records. Excellent Trance flavored project that has great potential for a wide variety of clubs, mixshows & radio. Hot production loaded with great energy & smooth vocals by one of our favorite female artist, Marcie Joy. She adds so much to any project that is a part of. I say Trance, but you could easily categorize this as a Progressive to Electro House project, running around 132 bpm. Regardless of what style you call it, your dancefloors will be packed & your phone line should light up, every time you put this in your mix.”

STARFLEET: “As always, Marcie’s vocals are right on point for a smooth, almost sultry flavor sound, then you add in a nice variety of hot remixes but some of the top remixer/producers in the world like, Josh Harris, Mike Rizzo, Russ Harris & Jamie J Sanchez. Excelent energy on all remixes. This has very good potential to pack up your dancefloors any time of the night & or light up your phone lines if you’re doing a mixshow.”

TRANCEPODIUM.COM: Multiple Interviews

TRACKLISTS.CA: “Vadim Soloviev feat. Marcie- Stay With Me”

“Many of us have heard Marcie’s voice, be it in the club, or on the iPod. Her voice allows her to cross many genres with effortless flow, and this latest gem is a testament to it.”

STARFLEET RECORD POOL: “Damien S. feat. Marcie- Love Me & Leave Me”

“Here’s a hot new Dance project by Damien.S featuring Marcie, “Love Me And Leave

Me” (Remixes) on LoveRush Digital. Really hot production on every remix, then you add one of our favorite female vocalist, Marcie to the mix & it sounds like a hit to me! They’ve put together some of the top remixers from around the globe like, DNA, James Nelson, Skywings, Tom Noize & Victor Imbres. There’s no way to pick the best of these remixes because each will work in the right club or mixshow. Don’t pass this up, give it a spin & watch the party take off mid to late night in the club.”

STARFLEET RECORD POOL: “D:folt feat. Marcie- Exhale”

“Here’s another hot new Progressive House project on System Recordings by D:FOLT featuring Marcie, “Exhale”. We love the record label because of the quality of all of their Dance music. This new release doesn’t let us down at all, with very good energy & production. Should do very well in the right clubs & parties that appreciate quality Dance music.”

DANCENODE.COM: “D:FOLT feat. Marcie- Hold Me Up”

“It’s the kind of trance track you’d hear blasting through speakers at an open festival. Once again Marcie’s vocals liven the track up and give it the extra ingredient needed to bring make it shine.”


“Not quite like anything out there, Marcie offers the accessibility, depth, and insight to lyrics of clubland’s biggest anthems through Behind The Lyric….”


TRACKLISTS.CA: “Eddie Sender feat. Marcie- Please Forgive”

” The Original Mix balances Marcie’s unique sound with Eddie’s perfectly while the remixes provide different views and should please just about anyone.”

HARDER FASTER: Review “D:folt feat. Marcie- Red Forest” LIQUID.FM:”D:folt feat. Marcie- Red Forest”

“This is a club/party/festival-hit for sure, this would blow the roof of any club. Awesome remix by Eddie Sender.”

DANCENODE.COM: “Eddie Sender feat. Marcie- Please Forgive”

“When the vocals drop you know you’re going to get an earful of bliss. The melody really resonates. I’ve found myself humming the melody in the lift whilst wandering around the building at work.”

DANCENODE.COM: “Chris Cargo feat. Marcie- Have To Have You”

“The vocals have a sense of urgency about them almost like a child that must have that toy you won’t buy them.”


MUSICRITICS.COM: “I Come Running” (TyDi Intro Mix):

“It manages to drive tons of energy and in my opinion, would absolutely tear up an unsuspecting dance floor.”


“Joining System K on Emalodic’s latest release is vocalist Marcie, who is internationally renowned for her voice, a voice which proves time and time again that it can be versatile. Lending her voice to this release, she pumps out her best work yet, matching the song and her voice perfectly.”

TRANCEHUB.COM– Artist of the month January, 2008. Feature Interview.

“A genuine sexiness in her voice has made Marcie a sought after essential in any trancer’s audio track list. She is currently hosting ‘Behind The Lyric’…. Marcie epitomizes in her radio show that great voices come with even greater lyrics…. She is now well known for starting something exclusive for electronica vocalists and episode by episode it’s only getting better for her.”

FREEZE MAGAZINE – 6 page spread on Marcie for March 2007! “FREEZE magazine is the only magazine, in Greece, that covers Dance Music Culture”

PROGRESSIVEHOUSE.COM of ‘Yamin feat. Marcie- Blanket of White’

-In depth interview with Marcie is posted today on TRANCEUNITED.COM Read all about her

influences, dreams, and current and future projects.


“Marcie one of the most consistent vocalists with a very unique and distinctive voice delivers a very sweet and sexy vocal….”

“System certainly strikes it lucky with a fantastic new release by John Isaac and the always pleasure to listen and enjoy Marcie”


“Untame Me features the female vocalist Marcie who is cropping up all over the place at the moment. The slinky and seductive vocals are an acquired taste but they are driven by relentless, breathless production and add yet more variety to the [Ali Wilson- Watchmaker] album.”

PARTYSAN SLOVENIA Interview with Marcie and Matthew Hoag. PROGRESSIVEHOUSE.COM: “Neon Stereo & Marcie – Fuck me baby”

“Even if filthy electro is not what i opt for in general, this little package has quite a few elements that could propulse this track into a possible club crossover status. Both remixes show talent and Marcie’s voice looks to be fitting just right with the lyrics. Wish i was in the studio listening to the live recording.”

S.A.L.V.A. [02-Dec-2007]

WWW.YOUR-SCENE.COM: “Neon Stereo & Marcie – Fuck me baby”

“I’m loving this release. It definitely gets the hormones rushing! All the mixes are solid, but I especially like the Toxic Avenger remix who bring in some heavy, off the wall French/German Electro. Its bangin’ and bad ass for sure.”


“Since hearing my first ‘Marcie’ vocal track, I’m absolutely hooked and I can’t wait to hear the next release! Vocalists of her ability and musical intuition are a producer’s dream! The 4 tracks I have on which she is featured are now staples in my electro house arsenal both on the air and in the clubs.”


“[Marcie] has been my vocalist for most of my tracks. She has such a diverse sounding voice. And always delivers what I am after. Glad we did add the vocal, its added another dimension to the track.”

BEIRUT NIGHTS RADIO -Review and Feature

“Marcie! what a phenomenal vocal….sounds different in every song, in eurodance, trance and

europop, progressive trance, & house. I am amazed at this talent….”


“Mm. En lækker intro med bløde sweeping strings og klokke ringen agtige lyde tager dig ind i den helt rigtige stemning, soft og opløftende der får et smil frem på læben. En dyb progressiv bassline sætter ind og så ruller man ellers derudaf med lækre, mystiske, dybe, mørke og intenst fangende elementer, på toppen af det hele frydes vi med de smukke vokaler fra Marcie som simpelthen er sublim! Super fedt track må man sige.”

ETN.FM – Interview by j:cee

“Boston’s premier EDM Vocalist & International Recording Artist takes five with ETN’s j:cee to

talk shop, life, and the finer points of an orgasm (the drink that is;)….”

Data Transmission

Timothy Allan & Marcie – One Night Stand EP

This new bit from New York’s Sea To Sun… is a bouncy houser with a mix of tribalish rhythm and tougher electro sounds permeating the mix, with a sassy, rhythmic vocal running over the top – but not overused. The production has a bit of a Prok & Fitch feel to it – crisp and classy.

The vocal is effected and edited wonderfully, and the result is something that could fit into a trance, prog or tech set with ease. B-side Somebody is a deeper trancer, with a vocal with a tinge of Madonna to it, some moody tech stabs and monotone bass giving it all a classy sound – by contrast, the slowed-down hard dance sounds of Skywings’ remix are anything but.


“the Skywings Remix that wins it for me”

Small Press Reviews:  Nothing In Your Eyes

 “The pathos in these lines is palpable, and the remainder of the song swirls cinematically with drums crunching underfoot and an icy synth line from Android Invasion lingering in the air like frosty breath. All told, a two-minute odyssey into the darkness of a love gone cold.”

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